The scientific model established for the Antarctic, Arctic, Qinghai Tibet Plateau and surrounding areas is an indispensable means to carry out the study of the three poles of space and time. The main goal of the model base is to efficiently simulate and analyze the data obtained by satellite remote sensing, ground monitoring and other technical means based on the three pole big data platform, through the mature scientific models in the three pole research including hydrology, ecology, meteorology and other disciplines. The model library is responsible for efficient management and standardization of model codes and documents, unifying input and output interfaces, building a three pole scientific model library, and providing big data simulation and analysis services for the earth big data science platform.

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Predictor for theseasonal Arctic sea ice based on statistical regression

8719 NCL

Geomorphology-Based Ecohydrological Model (GBEHM)

13367 C#

Terrestrial Ecosystem Simulator (TESim)

8784 Fortran

The distributed heat-water coupled (DWHC)

8369 C#
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