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THE POLAR GOVERNANCE is an important part of COMMUNITY OF COMMON DESTINY FOR ALL MANKIND that the Chinese government had proposed.In the context of global change,the polar regions continually happend abnormal change on one hand,the Arctic shipping routes,the Arctic oil and gas resources pipe and the surround-Arctic highway and railway construction is on the agenda on the other,which bring new opportunities for the polar development.Thus,the international community pay close attention to both the polar protection and the polar development.China had also began the strategic deployment of the polar development,a scientific understanding and the rational use of the poles in line with the strategic goal of COMMUNITY OF COMMON DESTINY FOR ALL MANKIND.

Three-pole research is also the commanding heights of earth system science circles coupling research and Future Earth nature-society interdisciplinary research. The polar regions is a magnification of the global change and the warming happens seriously than the globe. It is also typical of global climate system circles effect.As a sensitive and fragile part of the ecosystem,its’ sustainable development faces challenges.

Data comes first both in scientific understanding and rational treatment of the poles.The scientific data of the polar regions increasingly show the big-data feature,satellite remote sensing and airborne remote sensing,ground sensor network,multi-sphere model and assimilation data are unprecedentedly abundant,while the third-pole big data platform’s building and application face challenges like uncertainty and discontinuity.Mature and workable capturing method of big data like multiple sources,multiple scales,high-dimensional and heterogeneous computing need to be studied,traditional method like remote-sense,ground observation and analysis modeling segmentation research need to be surmounted.Besides,the third-pole research is an overall and systematic project, instead of isolated study of the Antarctic, the Arctic or the third pole.

With the support of the CAS’s space-time Third Pole environment project, which is a leading part of the Earth Big Data Science Project.To establish an open Third Pole scientific data center and intergrate the present data,updated data and new product,then provide overall Third Pole information service.Through a collection of the Third Pole cryosphere modeling, the water cycle modeling,the ecosystem modeling,multi-sphere modeling and socioeconomic assessment modeling, then standardize and unify the input and output interface and build the Third Pole scientific model libraries.By means of interoperation and sharing of “big data and cloud service” and “digital earth scientific platform”,a comprehensive platform of Third Pole database,modeling libraries and method libraries will achieve and provide Third Pole big data and information for the earth big data scientific platform.

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