Geomorphology-Based Ecohydrological Model (GBEHM)
Geomorphology-Based Ecohydrological Model (GBEHM)
  • Model name:Geomorphology-Based Ecohydrological Model (GBEHM)
  • Tag: Runoff Soil Temperature
  • Access:Code
  • Temporal resolution:Daily,yearly
  • Model driven data:Meteorological data, DEM, remote sensing data
  • Model main output:runoff, soil moisture, soil temperature
  • Model output format:img、Excel、NetCDF、shp、TIF
Model description:

The distributed Geomorphology-Based Ecohydrological Model (GBEHM) is a spatially distributed model for large-scale river basins. It employs geomorphologic properties to reduce the lateral two dimensions into one dimension for flow routing within a subcatchment, which greatly improves computational efficiency while retaining the spatial heterogeneity in water flow paths at the basin scale.

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