The distributed heat-water coupled (DWHC)
The distributed heat-water coupled (DWHC)
  • Model name:The distributed heat-water coupled (DWHC)
  • Tag: Precipitation Runoff Evaporation Sediment concentration
  • Access:Code
  • Temporal resolution:Monthly,yearly
  • Model driven data:DEM, meteorological data,soil parameter
  • Model main output:precipitation,runoff, evapotranspiration, sand content
  • Model output format:Text
Model description:

The distributed heat-water coupled (DWHC) model was developed by referring to SHAW and COUP.The DWHC model includes meteorological variable interception model, vegetation interception model, snow and glacier melting model, soil water-heat coupled model, evapotransporation model, runoff generation model, infiltration model and flow concentration model.

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