Data set of spatial and temporal distribution of water resources in Indus from 1998 to 2017

Data set of spatial and temporal distribution of water resources in Indus from 1998 to 2017

This data is a 5km monthly hydrological data set, including grid runoff and evaporation (if evaporation is less than 0, it means condensation; if runoff is less than 0, it means precipitation is less than evaporation), simulated and output through the WEB-DHM distributed hydrological model of the Indus River basin, with temperature, precipitation, barometric pressure, etc. as input data.

File naming and required software

Data is in ASCII text format. Data naming method: observation item+year, month and day, such as Acc_ et.200101.txt。
The unit of runoff is mm, and the unit of evaporation is mm, which can be opened with software such as arcgis.

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Wang, L., Liu, H. (2022). Data set of spatial and temporal distribution of water resources in Indus from 1998 to 2017. A Big Earth Data Platform for Three Poles, DOI: 10.11888/Terre.tpdc.272889. CSTR: 18406.11.Terre.tpdc.272889. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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References literature

1.Wang L, Koike T, Yang K, et al.(2009). Development of a distributed biosphere hydrological model and its evaluation with the Southern Great Plains Experiments (SGP97 and SGP99)[J]. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 114(D8). (View Details )

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Support Program

CASEarth:Big Earth Data for Three Poles(grant No. XDA19070000)"Spatial–temporal changes in the polar water and ecosystem" subproject (subproject No: XDA19070301)

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License: This work is licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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Geographic coverage
East: 86.26 West: 69.36
South: 40.34 North: 29.65
  • Temporal resolution: Monthly
  • Spatial resolution: 1km - 10km
  • File size: 24 MB
  • Views: 2460
  • Downloads: 0
  • Access: Protection period
  • Temporal coverage: 1998-01-01 To 2017-12-31
  • Updated time: 2022-12-07

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: WANG Lei   LIU Hu   

Distributor: A Big Earth Data Platform for Three Poles


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