Ensemble Bayesian Model Averaging
  • Category: Multi Model Post-processing Method
  • Development language: R
  • Operating platform / Operating system: windows
  • Compilation tools and environment: R
  • Version: version 1.0
  • GitHub download path: https://gitee.com/Three-Poles/Reprocessing
  • Citation:

    Raftery, A. E., T. Gneiting, F. Balabdaoui, and M. Polakowski, 2005: Using Bayesian Model Averaging to Calibrate Forecast Ensembles. Mon. Weather. Rev., 133, 1155-1174. Sloughter, J. M., A. E. Raftery, T. Gneiting, and C. Fraley, 2007: Probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecasting using Bayesian model averaging. Mon. Weather. Rev., 135, 3209-3220.

  • Method description:
  • Fit Bayesian model average (BMA) model to correct the bias in each forecast and combine multiple forecasts.

    Installation: N/A;

    Execution: after compiling;

    Input: weather forecasts;

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