Extreme Learning Machines (ELM)
  • Category: Deep Learning
  • Development language: matlab
  • Operating platform / Operating system: Windows 7以上
  • Compilation tools and environment: matlab
  • GitHub download path: https://gitee.com/three-poles/DeepLearning
  • Method description:
  • ELM is an artificial neural network model in the field of artificial intelligence machine learning. It is a learning algorithm for solving single hidden layer feedforward neural network. The traditional feedforward neural network (such as BP neural network) needs to set a large number of network training parameters artificially, but this algorithm only needs to set the network structure without setting other parameters, so it is easy to use. The weights from the input layer to the hidden layer are randomly determined a once, and do not need to be adjusted during the implementation of the algorithm, while the weights from the hidden layer to the output layer only need to be determined by solving a linear equation group, so the calculation speed can be improved.

    Installation: matlab

    Operation mode:

    Input variable: time series data

    Output variable: predicted data

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