• Category: Data Assimilation
  • Development language: C++(ANSI 98)
  • Operating platform / Operating system: Ubuntu
  • Compilation tools and environment: gcc/g++
  • Version: version 1.0
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  • Citation:

    Liu F, Wang L, Li X, Huang C. 2019. ComDA: A Common Software for Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Land Data Assimilation

  • Method description:
  • ComDA is to achieve a fast, easy-to-use, and multidisciplinary application-oriented assimilation platform. ComDA integrates many algorithms (including diverse Kalman and particle filters) and multiple models and observation operators (e.g., CoLM, SiB2 and AIEM, Q/h), and provides the general interfaces for accepting more operators. Using mixed-language programming and parallel computing technologies (OpenMP, MPI and CUDA), ComDA can assimilate various land surface variables and remote sensing observations. ComDA can be applied in multidisciplinary data assimilation studies.

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