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High resolution atmosphere-hydrologic simulation dataset over the Tibetan Plateau (2000-2010)

The high-resolution atmosphere-hydrologic simulation dataset over Tibetan Plateau is prepared by WRFv4.1.1 model with grids of 191 * 355 and spatial resolution of 9 km, and a spatial range covering the entire plateau. The main physics schemes are configured with Thompson microphysics scheme, the rapid radiative transfer model (RRTM), and the Dudhia scheme for longwave and shortwave radiative flux calculations, respectively, the Mellor-Yamada-Janjic (MYJ) TKE scheme for the planetary boundary layer and the Unified Noah Land Surface Model. The time resolution is 3h and the time span is 2000-2010. Variables include: precipitation (Rain), temperature (T2) and water vapor (Q2) at 2m height on the ground, surface skin temperature (TSK), ground pressure (PSFC), zonal component (U10) and meridional component (V10) at 10m heigh on the ground, downward long-wave flux (GLW) and downward short-wave flux (SWDOWN) at surface, ground heat flux (GRDFLX), sensible heat flux (HFX), latent heat flux (LH), surface runoff (SFROFF) and underground runoff (UDROFF). The data can effectively support the study of regional climate characteristics, climate change and its impact over the Tibet Plateau, which will provide scientific basis for the sustainable development of the TP under the background of climate change.


Yulong snow mountain glacier No.1, 4 506 m altitude the daily average meteorological observation dataset (2014-2018)

1. Data content: air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, air pressure, wind speed, average total radiation, total net radiation value and daily average water vapor pressure data. 2. Data source and processing method: Observed by American campel high-altitude automatic weather station, air temperature and humidity sensor model HMP155A; wind speed and wind direction model: 05103-45; net radiometer: CNR 4 Net Radiometer four component; atmospheric pressure sensor: CS106; Rain gauge: TE525MM. The automatic weather station automatically collects data every 10 minutes, and collects daily statistical data to obtain daily average weather data. 3. Data quality description: Data is automatically acquired continuously. 4. Data application results and prospects: The weather station is located in the middle of the glacier, and the meteorological data can provide data guarantee for simulating the response of oceanic glacier changes to global climate change in the context of future climate change.


Meteorological monitoring data of Kara-Batkak glacier in the Western Tianshan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan(2020)

Kara batkak glacier weather station in Western Tianshan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan (42 ° 9'46 ″ n, 78 ° 16'21 ″ e, 3280m). The observational data include hourly meteorological elements (hourly rainfall (mm), instantaneous wind direction (°), instantaneous wind speed (M / s), 2-minute wind direction (°), 2-minute wind speed (M / s), 10 minute wind direction (°), 10 minute wind speed (M / s), maximum wind direction (°), maximum wind speed (M / s), maximum wind speed time, maximum wind direction (°), maximum wind speed (M / s), maximum wind speed time, maximum instantaneous wind speed within minutes) Direction (°), maximum instantaneous wind speed in minutes (M / s), air pressure (HPA), maximum air pressure (HPA), time of maximum air pressure, time of minimum air pressure (HPA), time of minimum air pressure. Meteorological observation elements, after accumulation and statistics, are processed into climate data to provide important data for planning, design and research of agriculture, forestry, industry, transportation, military, hydrology, medical and health, environmental protection and other departments.


Dataset of water level at the Sidalong Sub-Basin in Qilian Mountain (2011)

This data is the water level data of 2011-2012, which is observed by water level recorder. From July 14 to September 9, 2011, the observation was recordered every five minutes; from June 4 to July 10, 2012, the observation was recordered every ten minutes. The data content is the temperature and atmospheric pressure inside the hole, and the data is the daily scale data. The data shall be opened with HOBO software.


Dataset of automatic meteorological observations at the Sub-Basin in Qilian Mountain (2011-2012)

The data set contains observation data from the Tianlaochi small watershed automatic weather station. The latitude and longitude of the station are 38.43N, 99.93E, and the altitude is 3100m. Observed items are time, average wind speed (m/s), maximum wind speed (m/s), 40-60cm soil moisture, 0-20 soil moisture, 20-40 soil moisture, air pressure, PAR, air temperature, relative humidity, and dew point temperature , Solar radiation, total precipitation, 20-40 soil temperature, 0-20 soil temperature, 40-60 soil temperature. The observation period is from May 25, 2011 to September 11, 2012, and all parameter data are compiled on a daily scale.


Eddy covariance data in Hulugou sub-basin of alpine Heihe River (2012)

1. Data overview: This data set is eddy covariance Flux data of qilian station from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. 2. Data content: The observation items are: horizontal wind speed Ux (m/s), horizontal wind speed Uy (m/s), vertical wind speed Uz (m/s), ultrasonic temperature Ts (Celsius), co2 concentration co2 (mg/m^3), water vapor concentration h2o (g/m^3), pressure press (KPa), etc.The data is 30min Flux data. 3. Space and time range: Geographical coordinates: longitude: 99° 52’e;Latitude: 38°15 'N;Height: 3232.3 m


WATER: Dataset of observations at the regional meteorological stations of Zhangye (2008-2009)

This data set contains the meteorological data of 45 regional stations in Zhangye area of Gansu Province from 2008 to 2009. There are two factors (air temperature and rainfall): Dongdashan forest farm and Anyang in Ganzhou district; Horseshoe temple in Sunan County; Longqu in Zhangye; Junma farm in Shandan; Mawei Lake in Gaotai; Banqiao in Linze. The observation of the three elements (wind direction, air temperature and rainfall) are: the Imperial City, the big river and recreation in Sunan County. The observation of the four elements (wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and rainfall) are: Tiancheng, Baba, luotuocheng, Xinba and Nanhua in Gaotai County; Pingchuan, Xinhua, nijiaying and yinggezui in Linze County; Jing'an, hongshawo forest farm, pingpingpingbao, Daman, alkali beach and shigangdun in Ganzhou district; Gushanzi, Longshoushan forest farm, Laojun, Liqiao, dongle, Junma first farm in Shandan County Liudun and junmachang in Qilian Mountain; Liuba, Sanbao, zhaizhaizhaizi, shuangshusi, haichaoba and dadonggan in Minle County; Xishui in Sunan County. The observation of the five factors (relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and rainfall) are: Yanzhishan forest farm in Shandan County; Minghua in Sunan County. The observation of the five factors (air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and rainfall) are: Yanzhishan forest farm in Shandan County; Minghua in Sunan County. The six elements of observation (air pressure, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and rainfall) are as follows: East top of dacha, dacha and crescent platform in Sunan County. The data recording unit shall comply with the ground meteorological observation specifications, and the data storage shall be expressed as an integer, as follows: ten times record of temperature expansion; ten times record of precipitation expansion; ten times record of wind speed expansion. The data format is ASCII text file.


WATER: Dataset of automatic meteorological observations at the national observatory on climatology at Zhangye (2008-2009)

This data set contains the observation data of Zhangye National Climate Observatory from 2008 to 2009. The station is located in Zhangye, Gansu Province, with longitude and latitude of 100 ° 17 ′ e, 39 ° 05 ′ N and altitude of 1456m. The observation items include: atmospheric wind temperature and humidity gradient observation (2cm, 4cm, 10cm, 20m and 30m), wind direction, air pressure, photosynthesis effective radiation, precipitation, radiation four components, surface temperature, multi-layer soil temperature (5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 40cm), soil moisture (10cm, 20cm, 50cm, 100cm and 180cm) and soil heat flux (5cm, 10cm and 15cm). Please refer to the instruction document published with the data for specific header and other information.


HiWATER: Dataset of GPS radiosonde sounding observations in the middle and upper reaches of the Heihe River Basin in 2012

The dataset generated from the radiosonde observations in middle basin of Heihe River during 2012. The instrument type are RS92-SGP (Vaisala inc., Finland) or CF-06-A (Changfeng Micro-Electroinics, CHINA). Radiosondes were released during aerospace experiment, such as CASI/SAI, TASI, WIDAS sensors. Atmospheric parameters: pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction are measured or calculated at different altitude. This atmospheric parameter profiles can back up atmospheric correction in remote sensing. It can support meteorology research. Observation Site: 1. Wuxing Village: Latitude: 38°51′11.9″N,Longitude: 100°21′48.8″E,Altitude: 1563 m 2. Gaoya Hydrological Station Latitude: 39°8′7.2″N,Longitude: 100°23′59.0″E,Altitude: 1418 m 3. A’Rou Super Station Latitude: 38°03′17.9″N,Longitude: 100°27′28.1″E,Altitude: 2991 m Observation Instrument Type: RS92-SGP manufacture by Vaisala inc., Finland CF-06-A manufacture by Beijing Changfeng Micro-Electronics Technology Co., LTD, CHINA. Observation Time: Simultaneous observation time from 29 June, 2012 to 29 July, 2012 (UTC+8). Accessory data: Pressure, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction profiles data.