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HiWATER: Dataset of vegetation FPAR in the middle of Heihe River Basin form May to July, 2015

This dataset is the FPAR observation in the artificial oasis experimental region of the middle stream of the Heihe River Basin. The observation period is from 24 May to 19 July, 2012 (UTC+8). Measurement instruments: AccuPAR (Beijing Normal University) Measurement positions: Core Experimental Area of Flux Observation Matrix 18 corn samples, 1 orchard sample, 1 artificial white poplar sample Measurement methods: For corn, to measure the incoming PAR on the canopy, transmission PAR under the canopy, reflected PAR on the canopy, reflected PAR under the canopy. For orchard and white poplar forest, to measure the incoming PAR outside of the canopy, transmission PAR under the canopy. Corresponding data: Land cover, plant height, crop rows identification


HiWATER: Dataset of infrared temperature in Zhanye Airport desert

Zhanye Airport desert observation system can offer in situ calibration data for TASI, WiDAS and L band sensor used in aerospace experiment. Observation Site: This point is located in a large, homogeneous and flatten desert near by Zhangye Airport. The main vegetation type is Sparse and low shrub. The coordinates of this site: 38°4′41.30" N, 100°41′48.10" E. Observation Instrument: The observation system consists of two SI-111 infrared radiometers (Campbell, USA), one installed vertically downward to land surface, another face to south of zenith angle 35°. SI-111 sensor installed at 4.0 m height. Observation Time: This site operates from 10 June, 2012 to today. Observation data laagered by every 5 seconds uninterrupted. Output data contained sample data of every 5 seconds and mean data of 1 minute. Accessory data: Land surface infrared temperature (by SI-111), sky infrared temperature (by SI-111) can be obtained. Dataset is stored in *.dat file, which can be read by Microsoft excel or other text processing software (UltraEdit, et. al). Table heads meaning: TarT_Atm, Sky infrared temperature @ facing south of zenith angle 35° (℃); SBT_Atm, body temperature of SI-111 sensor (℃) measured sky; TarT_Sur, land surface infrared temperature @ 4.0 m height; SBT_Sur, body temperature of SI-111 sensor (℃) measured land surface. Dataset is stored day by day, named as: data format + site name + interval time + date + time. The detailed information about data item showed in data header introduction in dataset.