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Aeolian observation data in the Ulanbh Desert and in the Kubuqi desert (2011-2012)

I. overview The data set includes wind and sand activity data of Ulanbuh Desert and Kubuqi Desert along the upper Yellow River from April to May 2011 and April 2012, mainly including wind speed profile, surface roughness, wind-sand flow structure, sand transport rate data under different vegetation coverage and different parts of sand dunes. II. Data Processing Instructions The wind speed and direction are observed by 014A wind speed sensor 024A wind direction sensor and CR200 data acquisition instrument produced by MetOne company, and the sediment transport amount is observed by stepped sediment collection instrument. III. Description of Data Content The data are stored in EXCEL table, mainly including wind speed profile, surface roughness, wind-sand flow structure and sand transport rate data under different vegetation coverage. IV. Data Usage Instructions This paper evaluates the sandstorm hazards along the Yellow River, estimates the amount of sandstorm entering the Yellow River in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, and provides data support for the establishment of an early warning system for sandstorm hazards in the region.


Hulugou basin base camp integrated environmental observation system data set (2012)

1. Data overview The data set of the base camp integrated environmental observation system is a set of ENVIS (IMKO, Germany) which was installed at the base camp observation point by qilian station.It is stored automatically by ENVIS data mining system. 2. Data content This data set is the scale data from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012.Including air temperature 1.5m, humidity 1.5m, air temperature 2.5m, humidity 2.5m, soil moisture 0cm, precipitation, wind speed 1.5m, wind speed 2.5m, wind direction 1.5m, geothermal flux 5cm, total radiation, surface temperature, ground temperature 20cm, ground temperature 40cm, ground temperature 60cm, ground temperature 80cm, ground temperature 120cm, ground temperature 160cm, CO2, air pressure. 3. Space and time scope Geographical coordinates: longitude: 99° 53’e;Latitude: 38°16 'N;Height: 2980.2 m


Physiological index analysis data of typical desert plants in Heihe River basin (2011-2012)

On the basis of physiological and biochemical analysis of photosynthetic organs (leaves or assimilating branches) of typical desert plants in heihe river basin collected in mid-july 2011, some photosynthetic organs of desert plants were collected in mid-july 2012 and put into a liquid nitrogen tank and brought back to the laboratory for determination. Physiological analysis indexes mainly include: soluble protein unit: mg/g;Free amino acid unit: g/g;Chlorophyll content unit: mg/g;Superoxide dismutase (SOD) unit: U/g FW;Catalase (CAT) unit: U/(g•min);POD unit: U/(g•min);Proline (Pro) unit: g/g; Soluble sugar unit: g/g;Malondialdehyde (MDA) is given in moles per liter.