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Surface meteorological driving dataset of the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau (2019-2020)

1) The Qinghai Tibet plateau surface meteorological driving data set (2019-2020) includes four meteorological elements: land surface temperature, mean total precipitation rate, mean surface downward long wave radiation flux and mean surface downward short wave radiation flux. 2) The data set is based on era5 reanalysis data, supplemented by MODIS NDVI, MODIS DEM and fy3d mwri DEM data products. The era5 reanalysis data were downscaled by multiple linear regression method, and finally generated by resampling. 3) All data elements of the Qinghai Tibet plateau surface meteorological driving data set (2019-2020) are stored in TIFF format. The time resolution includes (daily, monthly and annual), and the spatial resolution is unified as 0.1 ° × 0.1°。 4) This data is convenient for researchers and students who will not use such assimilated data in. NC format. Based on the long-term observation data of field stations of the alpine network and overseas stations in the pan third pole region, a series of data sets of meteorological, hydrological and ecological elements in the pan third pole region are established; Complete the inversion of meteorological elements, lake water quantity and quality, aboveground vegetation biomass, glacier and frozen soil change and other data products through intensive observation in key areas and verification of sample plots and sample points; Based on the Internet of things technology, a multi station networked meteorological, hydrological and ecological data management platform is developed to realize real-time acquisition, remote control and sharing of networked data.


Manual observation of meteorological data in Hulugou sub-basin of Heihe River Basin (2011)

1. Data overview In 2011, the manual observation data set of standard meteorological field of Qilian station was used to observe various meteorological elements at 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 every day. 2. Data content Data content includes dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, surface temperature (0cm), shallow surface temperature (5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm), maximum ground temperature and minimum ground temperature. 3. Time and space Geographic coordinates: longitude: 99.9e; latitude: 38.3n; altitude: 2980m