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Guangxi Province 1:100000 landuse dataset (1985)

This data comes from "China's 1:100000 land use data". China's 1:100000 land use data is constructed in three years based on LANDSAT MSS, TM and ETM Remote sensing data by means of satellite remote sensing, organized by 19 research institutes affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences under the national macro survey and dynamic research on remote sensing of resources and environment, a major application project of the eighth five year plan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Using a hierarchical land cover classification system, this data divides the whole country into six first-class categories (cultivated land, forest land, grassland, water area, urban and rural areas, industrial and mining land, residential land and unused land), and 31 second-class categories. This is the most accurate land use data product in China, which has played an important role in the national land resource survey, hydrological and ecological research.