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Geodetic Glacier mass changes in Naimo'Nanyi area in 1974-2000 and 2000-2013 (V1.0)

The data involved two periods of geodetic glacier mass storage change of Naimona’Nyi glaciers in the western of Himalaya from 1974-2013 (unit: m w.e. a-1). It is stored in the ESRI vector polygon format. The data sets are composed of two periods of glacier surface elevation difference between 1974-2000 and 2000-2013, i.e. DHSRTM2000-DEM1974(DH2000-1974)、DHTanDEM2013-SRTM2000(DH2013-2000). DH2000-1974 was surface elevation change between SRTM2000 and DEM1974, i.e. the earlier historical DEM (DEM1974, spatial resolution 25m) was derived from 1:50,000 topographic maps in October 1974(DEM1974,spatial resolution 25m). The uncertainty in the ice free areas of DH2000-1974 was ±0.13 m a-1. The surface elevation difference between 2000-2013 (DH2000-2013, by DinSAR techniques from SRTM DEM2000 and TSX/TDX data on Oct.17th in 2013) The uncertainty in the ice free areas of DH2013-2000 was ±0.04 m a-1. Glacier-averaged annual mass balance change (m w.e.a-1) was averaged annually for each glacier, which was calculated by DH2000-1974/DH2013-2000, glacier coverage area and ice density of 850 ± 60 kg m−3. The attribute data includes Glacier area by Shape_Area (m2), EC74_00, EC00_13, i.e. Glacier-averaged surface elevation change in 1974-2000 and 2000-2013(m a-1), MB74_00, MB00_13 i.e. Glacier-averaged annual mass balance in 1974-2000 and 2000-2013 (m w.e.a-1), and MC74_00, MC00_13, Glacier-averaged annual mass change in 1974-2000 and 2000-2013 (m3 w.e.a-1), Uncerty_MB, is the uncertainty of glacier-averaged annual mass balance(m w.e. a-1), Uncerty_MC, is the Maximum uncertainty of glacier-averaged annual mass change(m3 w.e. a-1). The data sets could be used for glacier change, hydrological and climate change studies in the Himalayas and High Mountain Asia.