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1km resolution wind energy resource distribution data of Qinghai Tibet Plateau (1979-2008)

The 1km resolution wind energy resource data of Qinghai Tibet Plateau is developed by using the wind energy resource numerical simulation assessment system of China Meteorological Administration (weras / CMA), which includes typical terrain classification module, mesoscale model WRF and Calmet dynamic diagnosis model. Firstly, the typical days are randomly selected from the historical weather types for hourly wind speed simulation, and then the climate average distribution of wind energy resources is obtained according to the statistical analysis of the frequency of weather types. The data set includes wind speed and wind power density over the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. The data accuracy of wind speed is 0.01m/s, the data accuracy of wind power density is 0.01w/m2, and the vertical height of data is 100m. The data have been checked and corrected by the observation data of meteorological stations, and are mainly used for detailed investigation of wind energy resources and macro site selection of wind farms. This data is the output data of the national wind energy resources detailed survey and evaluation project from 2008 to 2012 (the project cost is 290 million yuan), and then becomes the basic data of wind energy resources related research. The Ministry of finance has no plan to invest in extending this data set in the near future.