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Data on formation and evolution of pastoral animal husbandry policies in pastoral areas, and herdsmen's perceptions and responses to pastoral animal husbandry policies in pastoral areas

1. The grassland animal husbandry production and management policies in the study area from 1954 to 2012 mainly include: 1) the time series of the formation and evolution of various policies; 2) the key policies related to herdsman's livestock activities and grassland management and utilization. 2. Residents' perception and response to pastoral socio-economic development policies, grassland management systems, ecological compensation policies, ecological restoration projects, and ecological environment status quo.


Soil organic matter content of representative samples in the Heihe River basin (2012-2013)

This dataset contains soil organic matter content data of typical soil samples in heihe river basin from July 2012 to August 2013.The collection method of typical soil sample points in heihe river basin is representative sampling, which refers to the collection of typical soil types in the landscape area and the collection of highly representative sample points as far as possible.Soil samples from each profile were taken on the basis of diagnostic layers and diagnostic characteristics, classified according to the Chinese soil system.


The plant sap flow dataset in the lower of Heihe River Basin (2012-2013)

Trunk sap flow is an effective tool for measuring transpiration of a single plant. In this project, the trunk sap flow data of Populus euphratica in the lower reaches of Heihe River was measured by HRM (ICT, Australia) with a frequency of 0.5h. In the growth season of 2012-2013, the installation location is the north and lateral roots (50cm underground depth, 30cm away from the trunk) at the DBH (1.3m).


Data of SPAC system in the lower reaches of Heihe River (2012-2013)

SPAC system is a comprehensive platform for observation of plant transpiration water consumption and environmental factors. In this project, a set of SPAC system is set up in the Alxa Desert eco hydrological experimental study. The main observation data include temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, photosynthetic effective radiation, etc. the sampling frequency is one hour. This data provides basic data support for the study of plant transpiration water environmental response mechanism.