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HiWATER: Simultaneous observation dataset of river surface temperature in the middle reaches of the Heihe River Basin on Jul. 3 and Jul. 4, 2012

The aim of the simultaneous observation of river surface temperature is obtaining the river surface temperature of different places, while the sensor of thermal infrared go into the experimental areas of artificial oases eco-hydrology on the middle stream. All the river surface temperature data will be used for validation of the retrieved river surface temperature from thermal infrared sensor and the analysis of the scale effect of the river surface temperature, and finally serve for the validation of the plausibility checks of the surface temperature product from remote sensing. 1. Observation sites and other details Ten river sections were chosen to observe surface temperature simultaneously in the midstream of Heihe River Basin on 3 July and 4 July, 2012, including Sunan Bridge, Binhe new area, Heihe Bridge, Railway Bridge, Wujiang Bridge, Gaoya Hydrologic Station, Banqiao, Pingchuan Bridge, Yi’s Village, Liu’s Bridge. Self-recording point thermometers (observed once every 6 seconds) were used in Railway Bridge and Gaoya Hydrologic Station while handheld infrared thermometers (observed once of the river section temperature for every 15 minutes) were used in other eight places. 2. Instrument parameters and calibration The field of view of the self-recording point thermometer and the handheld infrared thermometer are 10 and 1 degree, respectively. The emissivity of the latter was assumed to be 0.95. All instruments were calibrated on 6 July, 2012 using black body during observation. 3. Data storage All the observation data were stored in excel.


HiWATER: Dataset of surface temperature of water body in Er’ba Reservoir

Er’ba Reservoir surface temperature of water body can offer in situ calibration data for TASI, WiDAS and L band sensor used in aerospace experiment. Observation Site: This site is 14 KM away from East of ZhangYe city. It’s located in Er’ba village, JianTan town, ZhangYe city. The coordinates of this site: 38°54′57.14" N, 100°36′57.39" E. Observation Instrument: The observation system consists of two SI-111 infrared radiometers (Campbell, USA) and two 109SS temperature probes (Campbell, USA). Two SI-111 sensors, one installed vertically downward to water surface, another face to south of zenith angle 35°. Temperature probes float under water surface at 0 cm. SI-111 sensor installed at 3.0 m height, 3.4 m away from water edge. Observation Time: This site operates from 27 May, 2012 to 27 September, 2012. Observation data laagered by every 5 seconds uninterrupted. Output data contained sample data of every 5 seconds and mean data of 1 minute. Accessory data: Water surface infrared temperature (by SI-111), sky infrared temperature (by SI-111), water surface temperature (by 109ss) can be obtained. Dataset is stored in *.dat file, which can be read by Microsoft excel or other text processing software (UltraEdit, et. al). Table heads meaning: TarT_Atm, Sky infrared temperature (℃) @ facing south of zenith angle 35°; SBT_Atm, body temperature of SI-111 sensor (℃) measured sky; TarT_Sur, water surface infrared temperature @ 3.0 m height; SBT_Sur, body temperature of SI-111 sensor (℃) measured water surface; WaterT_1, WaterT_2, water surface temperature (℃) measured by 109SS temperature probes. Dataset is stored day by day, named as: data format + site name + interval time + date + time. The detailed information about data item showed in data header introduction in dataset.