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Leaf area index of alpine shrubs in Hulu Watershed in the upstream of the Heihe River Basin (22nd, July, 2012)

Leaf area index, also known as leaf area coefficient, refers to the multiple of the total area of plant leaves in the land area per unit land area. Leaf area index is an important structural parameter of ecosystem, which is used to reflect the number of plant leaves, the change of canopy structure, the life activity of plant community and its environmental effect, to provide structured quantitative information for the description of material and energy exchange on the canopy surface, and to balance the energy of carbon accumulation, vegetation productivity and the interaction between soil, plant and atmosphere, Vegetation remote sensing plays an important role. Plant canopy imager CI - 110 was used to measure the alpine shrub and spruce leaf area index in hulugou watershed. The measurement period is July 22, 2014. It includes the main shrub types and Picea crassifolia forest in hulugou watershed. The data set mainly includes the original data of CI-110 measurement, including image and leaf area analysis image.