Yale Interactive terrestrial Biosphere(YIBs)
Yale Interactive terrestrial Biosphere(YIBs)
  • Model name:Yale Interactive terrestrial Biosphere(YIBs)
  • Tag: Soil Temperature
  • Access:Code
  • Temporal resolution:Hourly, daily, Monthly
  • Model driven data:Hourly temperature; Hourly specific humidity; Hourly surface pressure;
  • Model main output:Hourly/Daily/Monthly GPP, NPP, NEE
  • Model output format:NETCDF
Model description:

Yale Interactive terrestrial Biosphere (YIBs) model is a land carbon cycle model that has been developed for coupling to the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies ModelE2 global chemistry-climate model.The YIBs model adapts routines from the mature TRIFFID (Top-down Representation of Interactive Foliage and Flora Including Dynamics) and CASA (Carnegie–Ames–Stanford Approach) models to simulate interactive carbon assimilation, allocation, and autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration. Dynamic daily leaf area index is simulated based on carbon allocation and temperature- and drought-dependent prognostic phenology.

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