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Gansu water resources bulletin (2000-2011)

Water resources bulletin is a comprehensive annual report reflecting the situation of water resources. It is the basic work of unified planning, management and protection of water resources. It is an important basis for the preparation of national economic and social development planning, and also an important responsibility of water administrative departments. The contents of the water resources bulletin include precipitation, surface water resources, groundwater resources, total water resources, water storage dynamics, social and economic indicators, water supply, water consumption, water consumption, water use indicators, water pollution overview and important water affairs, etc. data and information are provided according to administrative divisions and flow area divisions respectively. The data set contains various statistical data of Gansu Provincial Water Resources Bulletin from 2000 to 2011.


Management plan of the Heihe River Basin (2001)

"Hydrological ecological economic process coupling and evolution of Heihe River basin governance under the framework of water rights" (91125018) project data collection 3 - recent governance planning of Heihe River Basin (Ministry of water resources, 2001) 1. Data overview: management plan implemented in 2001 in Heihe River Basin 2. Data content: planning publication


Scheme optimization of "97" water diversion curve under the current engineering conditions of Heihe river basin (1957-2010)

According to the principle of optimization of water diversion scheme and the economic, social and ecological development status of Heihe River Basin, the following three optimization schemes of water diversion scheme are proposed. In Scheme 1, the water consumption in the middle reaches is 630 million m3 in each coming year. In Scheme 2, the water consumption in the middle reaches is 180 million m3 and 60 million m3 in 90% and 75% coming years respectively. In Scheme 3, when the water consumption in Yingluo Gorge is more than 1.9 billion m3, the water consumption in excess of 1.9 billion m3 is distributed by 40% in the middle reaches and 60% in the lower reaches. At the same time, in order to maintain the annual average inflow of 1.58 billion m3 from Yingluo Gorge, 950 million m3 from Zhengyi Gorge, and when the inflow of Yingluo Gorge is less than 1.29 billion m3, 60% of the inflow of less than 1.29 billion m3 will be distributed in the middle reaches and 40% in the lower reaches.


A survey construction of a water-saving society in Zhangye city, Gansu (2013)

Through the questionnaire survey of different water users in Zhangye City, the data on the implementation of water-saving society construction policies in Zhangye City are sorted out. The survey is mainly carried out on farmers and urban residents in all counties under Zhangye City's jurisdiction. The main contents include: people's awareness of water resources, water pollution, water-saving policies and willingness to participate in water conservation; The social and economic situation, gender, age, educational level, occupation, etc. of the interviewees. Survey objects: urban and rural residents over 18 years old in Minle County, Shandan County, Ganzhou District, Linze County, Gaotai County and Sunan County of Zhangye City.