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Data of SPAC system in the lower reaches of Heihe River (2012-2013)

SPAC system is a comprehensive platform for observation of plant transpiration water consumption and environmental factors. In this project, a set of SPAC system is set up in the Alxa Desert eco hydrological experimental study. The main observation data include temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, photosynthetic effective radiation, etc. the sampling frequency is one hour. This data provides basic data support for the study of plant transpiration water environmental response mechanism.


The tree ring dataset of populus euphratica in the downstream of the Heihe River

The annual ring is the main technical means for carrying out the variance analysis, and it is also one of the methods to establish the expansion of water consumption time of plant transpiration. In 2001, this project sampled 60 Populus euphratica in Ejin Oasis and measured the age and ring width index.


The measured sapwood and heartwood dataset in the downstream of the Heihe River

The accurate estimation of sapwood area and heartwood area is the main means to convert the transpiration water consumption scale. In October 2011, this project investigated the sapwood and heartwood of 98 Populus euphratica in Ejin Oasis and measured the width of sapwood and heartwood. The relation curve of sapwood area with DBH and height was established. Please refer to LI Wei, SI Jianhua,FENG Qi, YU Teng fei. Response of Transpiration to Water Vapour Pressure Defferential of Populus euphratica. Journal of Desert Research, 2013, 33(5): 1377-1384. for details.