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Simulated dataset of 3km/1hour in Heihe River basin (2009)

In east Asia, institute of atmospheric physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences key laboratory of regional climate and environment development of regional integration environment with independent copyright system model RIEMS 2.0, on the basis of the regional climate model RIEMS 2.0 in the United States center for atmospheric research and the development of the university of binzhou mesoscale model (MM5) is a static dynamic framework, coupled with some physical processes needed for the study climate solutions.These processes include the biosphere - atmosphere transmission solutions, using FC80 closed Grell cumulus parameterization scheme, MRF planetary boundary condition and modify the CCM3 radiation, such as the heihe river basin observation and remote sensing data of important parameters in the model for second rate, and USES the heihe river basin vegetation data list data of land use in 2000 and the heihe river basin in 30 SEC DEM data, building up suitable for the study of heihe river basin ecological - hydrological processes of the regional climate model.The era-interim reanalysis data were used as the driving field to establish the regional climate model suitable for the study of the eco-hydrological process of the heihe river basin. Spatial scope: the grid center of the simulation area is located at (40.30n, 99.50e), the horizontal resolution is 3 km, and the number of simulated grid points in the model is 161 (meridional) X 201 (zonal). Projection: LAMBERT conformal projection, two standard latitudes of 30N and 60N. Time range: January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009, time interval of 1 hour File content description: a total of 12 files, according to the variable independent name.After each file is unzipped, it is a text file with 7 lines of packet line header, and 365*24*201 lines, each with 161 columns.


Industry and mineral resources of Heihe River Basin

"Heihe River Basin Ecological hydrological comprehensive atlas" is supported by the key project of Heihe River Basin Ecological hydrological process integration research. It aims at data arrangement and service of Heihe River Basin Ecological hydrological process integration research. The atlas will provide researchers with a comprehensive and detailed background introduction and basic data set of Heihe River Basin. The industrial and mineral resources map of Heihe River Basin is one of the chapters of social economy, with a scale of 1:2500000, positive axis and equal volume conic projection, and standard latitude of 2547 n. Data sources: social and economic data of Heihe River Basin, administrative boundary data of one million Heihe River Basin in 2008, residential area data of Heihe River Basin in 2009.


WATER: Dataset of meteorological station observations at the Yeniugou cold region hydrological station (2008-2009)

The dataset of meteorological station observations (2008-2009) was obtained at the Yeniugou cold region hydrological station (E99°33'/N38°28', 3320m), Qilian county, Qinghai province. Observation items were multilayer (2m and 10m) of the air temperature and air humidity, the wind speed and direction, the air pressure, precipitation, the global radiation, the net radiation, the multilayer soil temperature (20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm), soil moisture (20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 160cm), and soil heat flux. For more details, please refer to the attached Data Directions.