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HiWATER: BNUNET soil moisture and LST observation dataset in the midstream of the Heihe River Basin (2012)

This dataset includes soil moisture and soil temperature observations of 75 BNUNET nodes during the period from May to September 2012 (UTC+8), which is one type of WSN nodes in the Heihe eco-hydrological wireless sensor network (WSN). The BNUNET located in the observation matrix of the HiWATER artificial oasis eco-hydrology experimental area. Each BNUNET node observes the soil temperature at 4 cm, 10 cm and 20 cm depth, and soil moisture at 4 cm depth with 10 minutes interval. This dataset can be used in the estimation of surface hydrothermal variables and their validation, eco-hydrological research, irrigation management and so on. The detail description please refers to "Data introduction.docx".