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Associative datas of diversity and environmental factors of grassland main plants functional traits in Heihe River Basin (2013)

Correlation data of vegetation functional traits with topographic factors and pastoral animal husbandry activity factors, including: 1) observation data of main functional traits of 2-3 kinds of grassland plants in elevation, slope and slope upward; 2) correlation analysis data of vegetation functional traits and topographic factors; 3) correlation analysis data between vegetation functional traits and livestock activity intensity factors.


The measured sapwood and heartwood dataset in the downstream of the Heihe River

The accurate estimation of sapwood area and heartwood area is the main means to convert the transpiration water consumption scale. In October 2011, this project investigated the sapwood and heartwood of 98 Populus euphratica in Ejin Oasis and measured the width of sapwood and heartwood. The relation curve of sapwood area with DBH and height was established. Please refer to LI Wei, SI Jianhua,FENG Qi, YU Teng fei. Response of Transpiration to Water Vapour Pressure Defferential of Populus euphratica. Journal of Desert Research, 2013, 33(5): 1377-1384. for details.