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Data of aerosol types in the three polar region V2.0 (2006-2021)

The triple pole aerosol type data product is an aerosol type result obtained through a series of data pre-processing, quality control, statistical analysis and comparative analysis processes by comprehensively using MEERA 2 assimilation data and active satellite CALIPSO products. The key of the aerosol type fusion algorithm is to judge the aerosol type of CALIPSO. During the data fusion of aerosol type, the final aerosol type data (12 types in total) and quality control results in the three polar regions are obtained according to the types and quality control of CALIPSO aerosol types and referring to MERRA 2 aerosol types. The data product fully considers the vertical and spatial distribution of aerosols, and has a high spatial resolution (0.625 ° × 0.5 °) and time resolution (month).


Aerosol optical depth in the polar regions in 2000-2020

The 0.1 º aerosol optical thickness dataset (also known as the "Poles AOD Collection 1.0" aerosol optical thickness (AOD) dataset) in the polar regions from 2000 to 2020 was produced by combining Merra-2 mode data and MODIS satellite sensor AOD. The data covers the period from 2000 to 2020, with a daily time resolution, covering the "tri polar" (Antarctic, Arctic and Qinghai Tibet Plateau) region, and a spatial resolution of 0.1 degree. The verification of the measured stations shows that the relative deviation of the data is within 35%, which can effectively improve the coverage and accuracy of AOD in the polar region.