Logistic Regression
  • Category: Single Model Post-processing Method
  • Development language: R
  • Operating platform / Operating system: windows
  • Compilation tools and environment: R
  • Version: version 1.0
  • GitHub download path: https://github.com/Three-Poles/Reprocessing
  • Citation:

    Messner, J. W., G. J. Mayr, and A. Zeileis, 2015: Heteroscedastic Censored and Truncated Regression with crch. R J., 8, 1-12. Messner, J. W., G. J. Mayr, D. S. Wilks, and A. Zeileis, 2014a: Extending Extended Logistic Regression: Extended vs. Separate vs. Ordered vs. Censored. Mon. Weather. Rev., 142, 3003-3013. Messner, J. W., G. J. Mayr, A. Zeileis, and D. S. Wilks, 2014b: Heteroscedastic Extended Logistic Regression for Postprocessing of Ensemble Guidance. Mon. Weather. Rev., 142, 448-456.

  • Method description:
  • Fit logistic regression model to post-process hydrometeorological forecasts.

    Installation: N/A;

    Execution: after compiling;

    Input: weather forecasts;

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