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WATER: Dataset of GPS radiosonde observations

The dataset of GPS radiosonde observations was obtained at an interval of 2 seconds in the cold region hydrology experimental area in March, 2008 and the arid region hydrology experimental area from May to July, 2008. The items were the air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, the dew temperature, the water vapor mixing ratio, latitudinal and longitudinal wind speeds, the wind speed and direction. Simultaneous with the satellite/airplane overpass, GPS radiosonde observations were carried out: Binggou watershed on Mar. 14, A'rou on Mar. 15, Binggou watershed on Mar. 15, Biandukou on Mar. 17, Binggou watershed on Mar. 22, Binggou watershed on Mar. 29, and A'rou on Apr. 1 for the upper stream experiments; Linze grassland station on May 30, Yingke oasis on Jun.1, Huazhaizi desert station on Jun. 4, Linze grassland station on Jun. 5, Linze grassland station on Jun. 6, Huazhaizi desert station on Jun. 16, Yingke oasis on Jun. 29, Binggou watershed on Jul. 5, Yingke oasis on Jul. 7, Linze grassland station on Jul. 11, and Yingke oasis at 0, 4:10, 8:09, and 12:09 on Jul. 14 for middle stream experiments.