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WATER: Dataset of ground truth measurements synchronizing with Landsat TM in the Linze grassland and Linze station foci experimental area during the pre-observation period (on Sep. 23, 2007)

The dataset of ground truth measurements synchronizing with Landsat TM was obtained in the Linze grassland and Linze station foci experimental area on Sep. 23, 2007 during the pre-observation periods, and one scene was captured well. These data can provide reliable ground data for retrieval and validation of land surface temperatures with EO-1 Hyperion remote sensing approaches. Observation items included: (1) the land surface radiative temperature by the hand-held infrared thermometer, which was calibrated; (2) GPS by GARMIN GPS 76; (3) atmospheric parameters at Daman Water Management office measured by CE318 (produced by CIMEL in France). The total optical depth, aerosol optical depth, Rayleigh scattering coefficient, column water vapor in 936 nm, particle size spectrum and phase function were then retrieved from these observations. The optical depth in 1020nm, 936nm, 870nm, 670nm and 440nm were all acquired by CE318. These data include the raw data in .k7 format and can be opened by ASTPWin software. ReadMe.txt is attached for detail. Processed data (after retrieval of the raw data) in Excel contain optical depth, rayleigh scattering, aerosol optical depth, the horizontal visibility, the near surface air temperature, the solar azimuth, zenith, solar distance correlation factors, and air column mass number. (4) ground-based land surface temperature measurements by the thermal imager in the Heihe gobi, west of Zhangye city.


HiWATER: Dataset of sun photometer observations in the middle and upper reaches of the Heihe River Basin (2012)

The object of this dataset is to support the atmospheric correction data for the satellite and airborne remote-sensing. It provides the atmospheric aerosol and the column content of water vapor. The dataset is sectioned into two parts: the conventional observations data and the observations data synchronized with the airborne experiments. The instrument was on the roof of the 7# in the Wuxing Jiayuan community from 1 to 24 in June. After 25 June, it was moved to the ditch in the south of the Supperstaiton 15. The dataset provide the raw observations data and the retrieval data which contains the atmosphere aerosol optical depth (AOD) of the wavebands at the center of 1640 nm, 1020 nm, 936 nm, 870 nm, 670 nm, 500 nm, 440 nm, 380 nm and 340 nm, respectively, and the water vapor content is retrieved from the band data with a centroid wavelength of 936 nm. The continuous data was obtained from the 1 June to 20 September in 2012 with a one minute temporal resolution. The time used in this dataset is in UTC+8 Time. Instrument: The sun photometer is employed to measure the character of atmosphere. In HiWATER, the CE318-NE was used.