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Grid emission data set of air pollutants (SO2, NOx, PM2.5) in third pole regions of China (2019)

This data set includes grid emission inventories of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and PM2.5 in 2019 in China's third polar region (Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Qinghai). The emission inventory comes from the emission inventory database of the research group of Professor Wang Shuxiao of Tsinghua University. The emission inventory is processed into a 1km * 1km grid dataset by using ArcGIS software technology. The basic data of emission calculation is calculated by the emission factor method based on public data collection, satellite observation data and literature collection. The data are from the data of the National Bureau of statistics and the statistical yearbook of other industries, and its quality can be guaranteed. The data can be used for further study of climate and air quality in the third polar region.