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Frozen depth of frozen ground in Hulugou sub-basin of the Heihe River Basin (2011)

1. Data overview: this data set is the data set of artificial observation of frozen soil depth at Qilian station from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011, at 08:00 every day. 2. Data content: data content is frozen depth data set of permafrost. Frozen soil observation uses the frozen depth (length) of water poured into the rubber inner tube as a record. According to the position and length of water frozen in the permafrost buried in the soil, the frozen layer and its upper and lower limit depths are measured. In centimeters (CM), rounded to the nearest whole number. Observe once every day at 0.8 o'clock. 3. Space time scope: geographic coordinates: longitude: 99 ° 53 ′ E; latitude: 38 ° 16 ′ n; altitude: 2981.0m