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Palynological data of vegetation evolution in the middle reaches of Heihe River since 50000 years ago

Since the formation of heihe, palynology data samples were collected from the borehole formation of dasunken well in the middle reaches of heihe.Borehole location: 39.491 n, 99.605 e.The borehole has a depth of 140 meters and 18 palynological samples are collected from top to bottom. Currently, there are 3 palynological results, which are distributed in each sedimentary phase from top to bottom.Impurities such as carbonate, organic matter and silicate were removed from palynology samples in the laboratory, and the palynology types and data were identified under the microscope.Palynology results mainly included the percentage and number of trees, shrubs, herbs, aquatic and ferns.


The tree ring dataset of populus euphratica in the downstream of the Heihe River

The annual ring is the main technical means for carrying out the variance analysis, and it is also one of the methods to establish the expansion of water consumption time of plant transpiration. In 2001, this project sampled 60 Populus euphratica in Ejin Oasis and measured the age and ring width index.