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Temperature and precipitation data at meteorological stations in five Central Asian countries (1980-2015)

The data set covers 599 meteorological stations in five Central Asian countries, including the following elements: * daily maximum temperature, * daily minimum temperature, * observed temperature, * Precipitation (i.e. rain, melting snow), covering the following dates: 1980-1986; 1996-2005; 2010; 2014; 2015 The data comes from ghcn-d, a data set containing global land area daily observation data, which integrates climate records. The data is a direct measurement of surface temperature, without interpolation or model assumptions, and contains many long-term site records. The disadvantage is uneven space coverage. Due to changes in observation time, site location, and the type of thermometer used, the records contain many heterogeneity. For more information about this dataset, see


Socio-demographic data of five Central Asian Countries (1991-2017)

The data set records the total socio-demographic data of five central Asian countries from 1991 to 2017.Population indicators including annual population, estimated life expectancy, total fertility rate (1000 people), and total mortality (1000 people), infant mortality, maternal mortality, the total marriage rates, the overall divorce rate, migration of all flow balance, the number of medical institutions, hospital beds (m), the number of preschool institutions (a), kindergarten school student number (m) number, number of middle school, high school students (m), the number of the university, the number of students, institutions of higher learning, the number of students of institutions of higher learning.The data are from the statistical yearbooks of five central Asian countries.