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Temperature-sensitive proxy over the Northern Hemisphere during 1000-2000 AD

There are 396 temperature-sensitive proxy data for the past millennium over the Northern Hemisphere, including 370 tree rings, 15 ice cores, 9 lake sediments and 2 historical documents; This data is derived from the global temperature proxy dataset released by PAGES2k Consortum in 2017; During the process of temperature assimilation in the past millennium (1000-2000 AD) in the Northern Hemisphere, the data were further screened, and only the data with annual resolution were retained; The proxy data contained in the dataset have passed strict quality inspection and temperature signal verification; The data set can be used to reconstruct the temperature of the Northern Hemisphere at the hemispherical and regional scales for the past millennium.


Millennial precipitation datasets over the three poles produced by paleoclimate data assimilation

(1) Data content: data set of precipitation field of the three poles (Arctic, Antarctic and Qinghai Tibet Plateau) in the past millennium; (2) Data source and processing method: the data is independently produced by the author and is produced by assimilating the precipitation proxy data in the three polar regions through the paleoclimate data assimilation method; (3) Data quality description: there is a high degree of spatial-temporal consistency between the data set and the precipitation data sets measured by multiple instruments (correlation coefficient is above 0.35, P < 0.001; Nash efficiency coefficient is above 0.3). In addition, the correlation coefficient with multiple precipitation data series reconstructed based on proxy data is between 0.2 and 0.6 (P < 0.001); (4) It can be used to study the temporal and spatial changes of precipitation in the past millennium in the three polar regions.