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1:250000 DEM map of the middle reaches of Heihe River (2005-2007)

DEM (digital elevation model) is the abbreviation of digital elevation model, which is an important original data for watershed terrain and feature recognition. The principle of DEM is to divide the watershed into M rows and N columns of quadrilateral (cell), calculate the average elevation of each quadrilateral, and then store the elevation in a two-dimensional matrix. Because DEM data can reflect the local terrain features of a certain resolution, a large amount of surface morphology information can be extracted by DEM, which includes the slope, slope direction and the relationship between cells of watershed grid unit [7]. At the same time, the surface water flow path, river network and watershed boundary can be determined by certain algorithm. Therefore, to extract basin features from DEM, a good basin structure model is the premise and key of the design algorithm.


The monitoring data of the groundwater level in the middle of Heihe River basin (2005-2007)

The data sets of 2005-2007, heihe river middle reaches area of underground water level monitoring value, contains the shandan bridge, children's pawn, fountain, the king of the brake, big full, PCCW main canal, under the new ditch, Shi Gangdun, Ann, under the qin dynasty, the stockade, taiping fort, yue jia pfe, zhang ye, liao home fort, Yang's farm village, railway stations, three gates, tile kiln, xiejiawan, under the cliff, meteor smoke, oasis, xiguan, ShaJingZi, river hydrological station 3 years of monthly average water level.The data are from the hydrological yearbook. Due to the lack of data, the average water level data of some hydrological stations are missing.


The contour map of the water table in the middle region in Heihe basin (2005-2007)

The data set is the contour map of the diving level in the middle reaches of heihe main stream, which contains the diving level profile of the middle reaches of heihe main stream in 2005, 2006 and 2007. It is made by arcgis as a vector map.Contains attributes such as length, elevation and thickness of equal water level line.Its scope is: Left: 604028.6599 right: 645635.1531 Above: 4333504.1090 below: 4296403.637