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Land cover data for Southeast Asia (2015)

This data is the land cover data at 30m resolution of Southeast Asia in 2015. The data format of the data is NetCDF, and the variable name is "land cover type". The data was obtained by mosaicing and extracting the From-GLC data. Several land cover types, such as snow and ice that do not exist in Southeast Asia were eliminated.The legend were reintegrated to match the new data. The data provide information of 8 land cover types: cropland, forest, grassland, shrub, wetland, water, city and bare land. The overall accuracy of the data is 71% (Gong et al., 2019). The data can provide the land cover information of Southeast Asia for hydrological models and regional climate models.


Water resources improvement plan of Shiyang River Basin

"Coupling and Evolution of Hydrologic -Ecologic-Economic Processes of the Heihe River Basin Under the Framework of Water Rights" (91125018) Project data collection 1 - SWater Resources Improvement Plan of Shiyang River Basin 1. Data Overview:The improvement plan of Shiyang River Basin was implemented in 2007 for river basin comparison. 2. Data Content: The released plan.