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Ecological attribute data set of oasis vegetation in the middle and lower reaches of Heihe River (2015-2017)

This data set contains observation data of vegetation ecological properties in the middle and lower reaches of heihe river from January 1, 2015 to July 31, 2017. It contains 355 data, among which 208 are populus eupoplar and 147 are tamarisk.Ecological attributes include 4 groups of ecological parameters and a total of 15 categories of 74 indicators, as follows: Vegetation structure parameters (25 indicators in 5 categories) : Coverage: total coverage, three-layer coverage, average diameter of canopy; Height: three-layer height, canopy thickness, litter thickness, moss thickness, maximum root depth; Density: layer density and average diameter of trees; Leaf area index: maximum leaf area index and minimum leaf area index of three layers of trees and grass; Phenological stage: leaf spreading stage, leaf filling stage, leaf deciduous stage, complete deciduous stage. Vegetation productivity parameters (16 indicators in 3 categories) : Aboveground biomass: total biomass, three-layer stem biomass, leaf biomass; Root biomass: root biomass, 0-5, 5-15, 15-30, 30-50, 50-100, 100-250cm fine root biomass; Other biomass: litter layer, moss layer biomass and carbon storage. Physiological and ecological parameters (24 indicators in 4 categories) : Biomass distribution: proportion of rhizome and leaf distribution; Element content: carbon content of roots and leaves, carbon - nitrogen ratio, carbon content of litters, carbon content of moss; Blade shape: specific leaf area, blade length and width, leaf inclination; Characteristics of gas exchange: leaf water potential, net photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance, transpiration rate, air temperature, intercellular CO2 concentration, photosynthetic effective radiation, etc. Hydrological parameters of vegetation (3 categories and 9 indicators) : Redistribution of rainfall: maximum interception, canopy interception, rain penetration, trunk flow Yield flow: yield flow, yield coefficient; Evaporation: plant transpiration, soil evaporation, soil evaporation depth.


Dataset of physilogical ecology for dominants in the Heihe River Basin (2013)

The data set is the physiological and ecological parameters of the dominant species of each ecosystem in Heihe River Basin. According to the requirements of tesim model, the data set divides Heihe River basin into seven ecosystems: deciduous broad-leaved forest ecosystem (BRD), evergreen coniferous forest ecosystem (CNF), agricultural field ecosystem (CRP), desert ecosystem (DST), meadow grassland ecosystem (MDS) Shrubbery ecosystem (SHB) and grassland ecosystem (STP). Some of the data in this data set are based on the measured data, some are obtained by reference documents, but after verification, they are applied to the Heihe River Basin. For the data in this data, each parameter of each ecosystem has three values, which are the value in the model, the minimum value and the maximum value of this parameter. The data can provide input parameters for the ecological process model, and the data set is still in further optimization.