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Landsat surface reflectance products over the Tibetan Plateau (1980s-2019)

The dataset is the Landsat surface reflectance products from 1980s to 2019 over the Tibetan Plateau, it is the key input parameter of many surface geophysical parameters (such as leaf area index, chlorophyll and biomass). The dataset is retrieved based on Landsat level 4 products from China satellite remote sensing ground station, and it is retrived by using the atmospheric correction based on 6S model and BRDF correction model based on C-factor .The RMSE of geometric correction is less than 12m and the RMSD of surface reflectance is less than 5%. And the corresponding production of quality identification documents (QA) is also generated to identify the cloud, ice and snow.The Landsat surface reflectance play an important role in forest, water resources, climate change.


Heihe 1km monthly LAI production (2012)

Water scarcity,food crises and ecological deterioration caused by drought disasters are a direct threat to food security and socio-economic development. Improvement of drought disaster risk assessment and emergency management is now urgently required. This article describes major scientific and technological progress in the field of drought disaster risk assessment. Drought is a worldwide natural disaster that has long affected agricultural production as well as social and economic activities. Frequent droughts have been observed in the Belt and Road area, in which much of the agricultural land is concentrated in fragile ecological environment. Soil relative humidity index is one of the indicators to characterize soil drought and can directly reflect the status of crops' available water.