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Landuse/landcover data of the Heihe River Basin (2011)

The land use / land cover data set of Heihe River Basin in 2011 is the Remote Sensing Research Office of Institute of cold and drought of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based on the remote sensing data of landsatm and ETM in 2011, combined with field investigation and verification, a 1:100000 land use / land cover image and vector database of Heihe River Basin is established. The main contents include: 1:100000 land use graph data and attribute data of Heihe River Basin. The land cover data of 1:100000 (2011) in Heihe River Basin and the previous land cover are classified into six first-class categories (cultivated land, forest land, grassland, water area, urban and rural residents, industrial and mining land and unused land) and 25 second-class categories by the same hierarchical land cover classification system. The data type is vector polygon and stored in shape format. This data respects the opinion of the data author, and cannot share the whole basin data temporarily. Please indicate the research scope and exact purpose on the data application.


HiWATER: CCD reference image in core experimental area of flux observation matrix in the midstream of the Heihe River Basin

This dataset includes two reference images. The first one is before the calibration and validation experiment and the second one is during the calibration and validation experiment. The first image was shoot and mosaicked by CCD camera on 8 November, 2011. It was mainly used to design the experiment in the middle stream. The spatial resolution is 0.3 m for raw image and 0.5 m for the mosaicked image. The second reference image is CASI image shoot on 29 June, 2012. This image is mainly used to crop structure mapping in the experiment area. The spatial resolution is 0.3 m for raw image and 0.5 m for the mosaicked image. Data format:GeoTIFF Projection:The 2000 national geodetic coordinate system