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Integrated multi-hazard population risk in the peri-Himalayan and Asian water tower regions (2021)

This data uses a landslide hazard risk assessment model consisting of four modules: landslide hazard causative factors, landslide susceptibility model, exposed population and population casualty rate. The module of hazard-causing factors includes DEM, slope, rainfall, temperature, snow cover, GDP, and vegetation cover factors. The landslide hazard susceptibility model is a statistical analysis using a logistic regression model to obtain landslide susceptibility probability values. The population exposure module uses the landslide susceptibility values overlaid with population data. The population casualty rate module is based on the ratio of historical landslide casualties to the population exposed to landslides during the same period. Finally, by substituting the 2020 population data, the exposed population under different levels of landslide hazard susceptibility is calculated and multiplied with the historical period landslide hazard population casualty rate to assessIntegrated multi-hazard population risk in the peri-Himalayan and Asian water tower regions


Topographic data of Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2021)

This database includes slope, aspect and digital elevation model (DEM) data of Qinghai Tibet Plateau. The data comes from the 30m * 30m resolution numerical elevation model data downloaded from the geospatial data cloud website. Using the surface analysis function of ArcGIS software, the slope and aspect information of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau are extracted. The data has been rechecked and reviewed by many people, and its data integrity, position accuracy and attribute accuracy meet the standards, with excellent and reliable quality. As one of the engineering geological conditions, this data is the basic data for the research on the development law of major engineering disturbance disasters and major natural disasters in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the analysis of susceptibility, risk and risk.