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Ad perchloric acid data of Miaoergou ice core, Tianshan (1956-2004)

This data was reconstructed based on the history of perchlorate from 1956 to 2004 in Miaoergou ice core (94°19 'E,43°03 'N, 4518 m) in east Tianshan mountain. Data content: perchlorate from 1956 to 2004 (including: Cl-, NO3- and SO42-). Data was measured by ESI-MS/MS; Data quality: the blank sample was significantly lower than the sample values, and the quality was good. Data application result and prospect: The data has been published, the detailed information can be found in the published paper. Zhiheng Du, Cunde Xiao, Vasile I. Furdui C,Wangbin Zhang. (2019). The perchlorate record during 1956–2004 from Tienshan ice core, East Asia. Science of the Total Environment. Time range and resolution: 1956-2004 AD, and annual resolution.


The Ice-core Dataset in Three Pole (1968-2015)

The data of triode ice core mainly comes from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, The original data is mainly in text format, which is provided by relevant units and researchers voluntarily. The data mainly includes the original observation data such as oxygen isotope, greenhouse gas concentration, ice core age, etc., as well as the historical temperature, carbon dioxide concentration and methane concentration produced by the researchers according to the observation data. The data are mainly divided into Antarctic, Arctic, Greenland and the third polar region. The database includes drilling address, time, derivative products, corresponding observation site data, references and other elements. Derivative products include product name, type, time and other elements. The space location is divided into the south pole, the north pole and the third pole, including Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland and other regions. After sorting and post-processing the collected data, the ice core database is established by using the access database management system of Microsoft office. According to the Antarctic, Arctic, Greenland and the third pole, it is divided into four sub databases. The first table in each database is readme, which contains information and references of each data table.


Data of ad metal elements in Miaoergou ice core, Tianshan (1956-2004)

This project is based on the data of bioactive elements such as Fe in miaergou ice core (94 ° 19 ′ e, 43 ° 03 ′ n, 4518 m) of the East Tianshan Mountains, and rebuilt the metal element history of 1956-2004. Data content: 1956-2004 ice core metal elements (including Fe, CD, Pb, as, Ba, Al, s, Mn, CO and Ni); data source, through ICP-MS test; data quality: blank sample is significantly lower than sample value, with better quality; data application results and prospects: data has been published, see Du, Z., Xiao, C., Zhang, W., Handley, M. J., mayewski, P. A., Liu, Y., & Li, X. (20. 19). Iron record associated with sandstorms in a central Asian shallow ice core spanning 1956-2004. Atmospheric environment, 203, 121-130. It can provide comparative study of other ice cores in Central Asia.