• Category: Parameter Estimation
  • Development language: 参数估计,Metropolis–Hasting
  • Operating platform / Operating system: Windows, Linux
  • Compilation tools and environment: MATLAB
  • Version: version 1.0
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    Zhu G.F.*, Li X., Su Y.H., Zhang K., Bai Y., Ma J.Z., Li C.B., Hu X. L., He J.H. Simultaneous parameterization of the two-source evapotranspiration model by Bayesian approach: application to spring maize in an arid region of northwest China. Geoscientific Model Development, 7, 741-775, 2014

  • Method description:
  • The uncertainty in quantitatively estimating the model parameters plays a key role in improving the simulation accuracy of the model and identifying the structure of the model. The algorithm estimates the parameters of the eco-hydrological model based on the fusion of multi-source data of Bayesian method, which can effectively overcome the problem of "parameter equifinality" of the eco-hydrologic model. It provides a research framework for reducing the uncertainty of model parameters and identifying the error structural of the model.

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