The Heihe River basin boundary (1985、1995、2000、2005、2010)

The Heihe River basin boundary (1985、1995、2000、2005、2010)

Heihe river basin is the second largest inland river basin in China. In the past 30 years, a relatively perfect drainage observation system has been established in heihe river basin, which has become an important inland river research base in China.River basin is an important natural research unit, but the boundary of heihe river basin is not unified. In order to facilitate the use of data by users, we collected and sorted out 5 kinds of heihe river basin boundaries commonly seen in the literature:

1) from 1985 to 1986, China began to conduct systematic research on the heihe river basin as a whole. On the basis of basic investigation and a large number of data mastered, the early heihe river basin map was drawn with an area of 138,900 km ^ 2.The whole basin is divided into three hydrologic balance zones, which are: the balance zone of heihe main stream system, the balance zone of beida river main stream system and the balance zone of ma ying - feng leshan front water system.

2) sub project national key scientific research project of the ninth five-year plan "in heihe river basin water resources reasonable use and the economic society and ecological environment coordinated development research", considering the integrity of the county-level administrative units, on the basis of the first basin boundary using the administrative boundary of basin boundary was revised, formed the "digital heihe" published information system ( of the heihe river basin boundary, watershed area of 128700 km ^ 2.The division of hydrological unit inherits the original idea and is divided into three river systems, namely the eastern river system, the central river system and the western river system.

3) in the comprehensive control plan of heihe river basin of the ministry of water resources, the area of heihe river basin is determined as 142,900 km ^ 2, and the hydrologic unit is divided into two independent water systems in the central and western regions and the east, with an area of 27,000 km2 and 116,000 km ^ 2 respectively.

4) in 2002-2006 in the national integrated water resources planning, "the Yellow River" (piece of) integrated water resources planning working group in 2005, the establishment "the northwest rivers and water resources and its exploitation and utilization of investigation evaluation report, briefly, to the secondary and tertiary area as the unit of water resources, to complete a series of natural geography and social economy statistical tables, maps and other data.In this comprehensive plan, the area of heihe river basin is about 151,700 km ^ 2, and the plan does not give a more detailed sub-watershed division plan.

5) based on the high-precision digital elevation model (SRTM and ASTER GDEM), the boundary of heihe river basin was determined by using the GIS hydrologic analysis method.The boundary has been verified by remote sensing and field investigation, and the present situation of modern water resources utilization is considered in the process of basin boundary determination and sub-basin division.

File naming and required software

File name: data is stored in vector SHP format;There are five period of the heihe river basin boundary, the file name "Heihe_Basin_Boundary_yyyy" , yyyy representatives date, such as Heihe_Basin_Boundary_1985. shp, on behalf of the drawing of the heihe river basin boundary in 1985.
Data reading: remote sensing software such as Arcgis and Qgis can be used to open and read, and SHP file can be opened when reading, which can be expressed graphically in the software.

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Wu, L., Wang, J., Nian, Y. (2013). The Heihe River basin boundary (1985、1995、2000、2005、2010). A Big Earth Data Platform for Three Poles, DOI: 10.11888/Geogra.tpdc.270587. CSTR: 18406.11.Geogra.tpdc.270587. (Download the reference: RIS | Bibtex )

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References literature

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